Alexander iii of macedon

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Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC)

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Philip III of Macedon

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Alexander III of Macedon, known as Alexander the Great (21 July BCE – 10 or 11 June BCE), was the son of King Philip II of Macedon. He became king upon his father’s death in BCE and went on to conquer most of the known world of his day.

Alexander III of Macedon (– BC), popularly known as Alexander the Great (Greek: Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος, Mégas Aléxandros), was a Greek i[›] king of Macedon. He is the most celebrated member of the Argead Dynasty and created one of the largest empires in ancient history.

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King of Macedonia and Conqueror of the Persian Empire. Alexander III the Great, the King of Macedonia and conqueror of the Persian Empire is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. Darius III knew that he could never recover Asia Minor, Phoenicia, or Palestine, so he sent an offer to halt hostilities.

If Alexander would cease, Darius III would cede to him all of the Persian Empire west of the Euphrates River; Mesopotamia, Persia (modern day Iran).

Alexander iii of macedon
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