Biography of harriet tubman

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Harriet Tubman

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Harriet Tubman

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The Life of Harriet Tubman – Civil War Nurse, Spy, Soldier and Activist

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Harriet Tubman: Harriet Tubman, American bondwoman who escaped from slavery in the South to become a leading abolitionist before the American Civil War.

She led hundreds of slaves to freedom in the North along the route of the Underground Railroad. Biography: Where did Harriet Tubman grow up? Harriet Tubman was born a slave on a plantation in instituteforzentherapy.comians think she was born inor possiblybut birth records weren't kept by.

Harriet Tubman, called the “Moses” of her people, known for liberating herself and countless others from the yoke of slavery, is probably the most recognized African American woman of the 19th. Aug 21,  · Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave who became a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, leading slaves to freedom before the Civil War, all while carrying a bounty on her head.

Harriet Tubman is best known as one of the most famous conductors on the Underground Railroad. Her successful, secret journeys into Maryland during the s to rescue enslaved women, men, and children earning her the biblical name "Moses," immortalizing her in the minds of Americans and people around the world for well over one hundred and fifty years.

Harriet Tubman's Life in Slavery. Harriet Ross was born into slavery in orin Dorchester County, Maryland. Given the names of her two parents, both held in slavery, she was of purely African ancestry.

She was raised under harsh conditions, andsubjected to whippings even as a small child.

Biography of harriet tubman
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The Life of Harriet Tubman – Civil War Nurse, Spy, Soldier and Activist