Fiction fantasy screenwriting agents

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Meet the Agent: Paul Lucas, Janklow & Nesbit Associates

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MEET THE READER: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films – Writing the Script Fantastic

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She specializes in representing commercial fiction (mainstream, women's fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy, young adult & middle grade) and literary fiction with a commercial bent. In general, she does not handle nonfiction projects with the exception of an occasional memoir.

At a Glance. This webinar discusses the principles and elements of writing in the genre of science-fiction-fantasy ; Learn the essential elements of the sci-fi genre using examples from classic and current feature films and TV series. Take a look at our list of 19 top literary agents in Australia and find the right agent for you.


playwrights and screenwriters, having made successful deals for documentaries, feature films etc. 6.

7 Literary Agents Seeking Fantasy Novels NOW

If genres like young adult fiction, fantasy, thriller, true-life non-fiction. I’ve already done lists on picture book agents, thriller agents, and women’s fiction agents. Below find a list for agents seeking adult fantasy novels NOW.

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(Note that this list is for adult fantasy, not fantasy. Jenna Avery is a screenwriter, columnist, and blogger who redesigned her life and career to support her calling to write. She's currently working on assignment for a Canadian producer/director on a post-apocalyptic sci-fi feature and specializes in sci-fi action and space fantasy.

The Knight Agency is a world-renowned literary agency that has guided countless writers from query letter to published book for over 20 years.

Fiction fantasy screenwriting agents
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