Recent advances in photonics

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Jacopo Pedrini, Angelo Monguzzi, "Recent advances in the application triplet–triplet annihilation-based photon upconversion systems to solar technologies," Journal of Photonics for Energy 8(2), (28 November ).

Recent Advances in Integrated Photonic Sensors. Moreover, the integration of photonics, microelectronics and microfluidics into the same chip represents an intriguing technological platform for the realization of lab-on-a-chip systems, which are fundamental for fast, multiplexed and real-time measurements in various application fields.

Image Quality Testing: Camera Advances Push Improvements Photonics Handbook An overview of state-of-the-art technology for image quality testing of mass-produced camera modules for consumer devices, including recent developments and new challenges.

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Image Quality Testing: Camera Advances Push Improvements

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Long-haul communications and data centers are huge buyers of photonics components, and that is leading to rapid advances in the technology and opening new markets and opportunities.

Rutgers Physics News Recent advances in photonics
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Recent Advances in Integrated Photonic Sensors