The state of russia before 1855

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History of Russia (1796–1855)

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Russia up to 1914

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Russia up to Up until this period, the Russian Empire was a European superpower. It was the largest country in the world stretching from the Black Sea in the west to the Bering Sea in the.

Russia's output of pig iron had increased frommetric tons in tometric tons in andmetric tons inonly a fraction of what the industries of the United Kingdom (7,) and Germany (2,) were producing ().

Russia fought the Crimean War () with Europe's largest standing army, and Russia's population was greater than that of France and Britain combined, but it failed to defend its territory, the Crimea, from attack.

This failure shocked the Russians and demonstrated to them the inadequacy of their weaponry and transport and their economic backwardness relative to the British and French. History Russia before The rulers of Russia before were regarded as reactionary autocrats, unwilling to consider any political or social change.

Religious freedom under the Communists During to industrial output increased on average by 7% per year and GNP by % per year. Matched the performance of many other nations, but not Russia’s main competitors ByRussian coal production was 10% of that produced by Britain and GNP per capita only 20% of that found in Britain.

HISTORY OF RUSSIA including Paul I and Alexander I, Tilsit and beyond, Russian campaign, Quadruple and Holy Alliances, December revolution, Nicholas I, Russian gains in Asia, Emancipation of the serfs, Slavophils and Narodniki, Autocracy and mother Russia, Radicals in and out of Russia.

The state of russia before 1855
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