Wine marketing mix

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Successful Wine Marketing [James Lapsley, Kirby Moulton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book reflects the work of wine marketing experts as expressed in their presentations to the annual three-week Wine Marketing Short Course at the University of California.

Franchising and Development

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America's First Wine Trail

Great Western Wine is an independent wine merchant based in Bath, UK. We stock a variety of wines, champagnes, sparkling wines, ports and spirits from across the world via our online shop. Free UK delivery on orders over £ and 10% off order of 12+ bottles. Within wine marketing, the promotional mix is the most important component of the winery that can ensure the success in the market (if it is well developed) or can shorten the life cycle of the product (or of the company itself).

WSJwine is a partnership between The Wall Street Journal and the world's leading direct-to-home wine merchant. It offers you wines of quality and individuality delivered direct to your home or office.

Wine marketing mix
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